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Get to know the team

why we do what we do

While we all come from very different personal histories, every one of us is bound by a common goal. We all strive to the best of our ability to help others unlock their fullest potential.

Shane Freels

coach/Media director

Shane Freels is another lifelong student of the martial arts. From the classical and historical to the most cutting edge and modern, Mr. Freels is always searching for ways to push his training to the next level. His background includes Western Boxing, Tae Kwon Do, and Shotokan Karate. He is highly skilled in various forms of weaponry and is an avid knife thrower.

Mr. Freels truly connected with his martial potential when he began his study of the ninja arts. He was awarded his black belt in To-Shin Do at the Hombu (home) Dojo by Mr. Stephen K. Hayes.

One of Mr. Freels greatest joys is empowering students with practical self defense knowledge that allows them to realize their full potential.

Alan Pitts

Owner/Head Instructor

Alan Pitts has always been a student of the martial arts and will always continue to be a student. His lifelong study has included a wide diversity of training, such as  Western Boxing, Chinese Kung-fu, and T'ai chi ch'uan. He has nearly 2 decades of experience in Muay Thai.

Despite this, it was the study of the ninja arts that pushed his training to new depths. Mr. Pitts is a 2nd degree black belt (Nidan) instructor of To-Shin Do, studying under Stephen K. Hayes.

Mr. Pitts is known by martial artists around the world, not just for his skill as a martial artist, but also for his ability as an instructor. Learning new skills and sharing this knowledge with others is one of his strongest passions. Few can match his genuine enthusiasm and his talent for making martial arts accessible to both adult and youth alike. 

Andrew Blakley

Wellness Director/Exercise specialist

Andrew Blakley is a living example of Invictus. Through rigorous training, he has pushed through boundaries many would consider impossible. He has competed in races from 5k's all the way up to Ultramarathons. He's also biked from Ohio to Nebraska and back.

Mr. Blakley is a very well known face in Obstacle Course Racing, from Spartan Races to Tough Mudders. He is easily recognized by the life-sized dummy he carries to honor heroes who cannot compete for themselves.

As an Exercise Specialist, Mr. Blakley focuses on redefining the industry standards of fitness and wellness. He believes that total body transformation should be available to everyone, regardless of fitness level or personal ability and limitations.